Children Park Jharia

About Children Park Jharia

Children Park is the oldest park and a heritage of Jharia. It is located in the center of Jharia, there are many places near this park like Usha Talkies, Oldest Kali Mandir Poddar Para Jharia, Oldest Radhe Krishna Temple, Agarwal Dharamshala etc.

It is the oldest park of Jharia where many popular politician came for their election’s meetings. I remembered in my memory when I saw Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, he was giving lectures in Children Park Jharia.

Now a days, it has become the education center for the poor kids. Samadhan is the Non-profit organization which has been working good towards poor kid’s education.

Children Park Jharia Mahatma Gandhi Statue
Children Park Jharia Mahatma Gandhi Statue

Samadhan Activities at Children Park

Samadhaan classes at children park

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Sharing is Caring

Please share your books and toys

It is said that people who donates for social cause to help people is recognized person. If we do not know about this, by ignorant we sell our books and old toys. Generally we do not donate to needy people.

I am feeling very proud on these people who are decided to open such library in Jharia Children Park to help needy people.

It is said that, if we work alone and always thinking about ourself, we can not be a good person. If we grow with all people living around us. Then only we can be a good person and loving by the GOD.

We have to think about kids or students who do not have books to read and toys to play. We always think about our kids and do not have time to think about others.

Why did the GOD send us in the Earth? Only for selfishness or help others. It depends upon us that we help others or not or we only think about ourselves.

It is the best example of Helping other. Dhanbad ki Awaz, you must have heard about it. This organization is going to organize an event in which we all people have good opportunities to work towards social and donate our books and toys. Here is the details follow:

Date: 10th and 11th March 2016

Time: 10 am to 2 PM

Venue: Children Park Jharia

So, do not be late! Come and take benefit of these wonderful social activities and think about others. I want to way something that if we think about others, GOD will have to think about us.

Here are the official details which I have found in Facebook.


Free Library in Bank More by Samadhan with the Help of Sri Avinash Jee

The Free library for needy people has been opened by Samadhan with the help of Sri Avinash  Jee in Bank More today on 10:30 AM in the morning with the hand of Rail S.P. Asim Vikrant Miz Sir and R.P.F Senior Comm. Dr. A.N.Jha.

Free Library Address in Bank More:

Raj Complex, Fourth Floor, Bank More

All Students can go in the library and read any books for free of cost. There will be a teacher there who will be solving all types of queries of students.

You can also donate your old books so that more students can take benefits of it. So, do not sell your books from today, collect your all old books and donate to this free library in Dhanbad.

To Donate Your Old Books or any kind of help, you can contact “Samadhan” at 09304477815