Jharia Coalfield Bachao Samiti

Jharia Coalfield Bachao Samiti

Jharia Coalfield Bachao Samiti
Jharia Coalfield Bachao Samiti

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Year of Found – 23 July 1994

About Jharia Coalfield Bachao Samiti

A non-governmental organisation called Jharia Bachao Andolan Samiti (Save Jharia Movement Committee) has been fighting for safe mining, proper rehabilitation and fire fighting since 1994. Many other small groups have also been formed [3].

I want to share the points which has been raised by Jharia Coalfield Bachao Samiti here: Have a look!

Jharia Coalfield Bachao Samiti : Coal india और भारत सरकार झरिया से coking कोयला निकाल कर बर्बाद कर रही है।इसे पॉवर प्लांट को भेजा जाता है । जिस पर सिंफर के वैज्ञानिकों ने भी चिंता जताई है। बड़े दुख की बात है कि GOI—CIL कोई इसे सुनता नहीं है।

कोयला मंत्री पीयूष गोएल ने 14.06.2016 को धनबाद आकर कहा था कि झरिया की जमीन का अधिग्रहण नहीं किया जाएगा । यहां से कोयला नहीं निकाला जाएगा ।झरिया कोल फील्ड बचाओ समिति ने इसका स्वागत किया और कहा कि बीसीसीएल तुरंत यहां से कोयला उत्पादन बंद करे। झरिया वाले खुश रहेंगे और सरकार को भी एक बड़े राजस्व का लाभ होगा। मुआवजा भी नहीं देना पड़ेगा।झारियाके लोग सुरक्षित रहेंगे।
लेकिन नेता लोग कहते कुछ और हैं करते कुछ और हैं। कब नेता सुधरेंगे। तभी झरिया का भला होगा।

Jharia Coalfield Bachao Samiti vs Coal India Limited on 21 September, 2017

Check This Link : https://indiankanoon.org/doc/169740500/

You can read here also the whole side Jharia CoalField Bachao Samiti:


Oldest RadhaKrishna Mandir in Rajagarh Jharia

Oldest RadhaKrishna Mandir in Rajagarh Jharia

Oldest RadhaKrishna Mandir in Rajagarh Jharia
Source: Prabhat Khabar – Oldest RadhaKrishna Mandir in Rajagarh Jharia

It is one of the oldest temple(Around 300 years old) in Jharia region which had been created by The Raja Durga Prasad Singh. After him, his sons Raja Shiva Prasad Singh used to look after the temple and after him, his son Raja Kali Prasad Singh looked after the temple.

Currently, the Raja Maheshwar Prasad Singh(The Jharia Raj Pariwar) with some community looks after the temple. There is a lot of crowd in Janmashtami in this temple.

Peoples of Jharia has great respect with the oldest Radha Krishna Temple which is situated in Rajagarh(Bakrihat), Jharia, Dhanbad, Jharkhand. They come together in Janmashtami and worship with the great respect and old tradition.

Priest Of the Temple – Sri Viswanath Banerjee(20-Aug-2019) Since 40 Years

Appeal To The Government

The People of Jharia has been appealing the government that the temple should be repaired by the government fund because it is the oldest heritage of Jharia which should be saved.

Jharia Raja Durga Prasad Singh

Jharia Raja Durga Prasad Singh

Raja Durga Prasad Singh were among the notable zamindars of Jharia Raj and inherited estate in 1850s. He was still a minor that time. He died in 1916 and after that Raja Shiva Prasad Singh inherited the estate.

Raja Sri Sri Durga Prasad Singh( M.B.E) With his British political agents as well as Indian Officials
Raja Sri Sri Durga Prasad Singh( M.B.E) With his British political agents as well as Indian Officials

About Raja Durga Prasad Singh

There were many Raja’s in JHARIA.But among them Raja Durga Prasad Singh was notable for his far sightedness,Business knowledge and development idea. He commercially developed coal and expanded the name of JHARIA. He was very helpful person , he helped his friends and public.

He established JHARIA Raj school year 1866. To sort out the problem of drinking water he purified and maintained the Raja Talab , the only source of drinking water in JHARIA. The building of JHARIA police station ( JHARIA Thana ) in the time of British Period was given by The Raja of JHARIA.

He encouraged music and art. ” Gauhaar Jaan ” the famous India Fame singer and dancer , performed in the Darbaar of Raja Durga Prasad Singh.
Raja Durga Prasad Singh had 3 Ranies
(1) Rani Prayag Kumari DEVI
(2) Rani Subhadra Kumari DEVI
(3) Rani Hem Kumari DEVI

Raja Durga Prasad Singh Died issue less in the year 1916

Rani Hem Kumari Palace was in Pargha ( Kusmatand ) Rani Mahal
Rajbadi ( which is now in a dilapited state ) iwhich she gifted her all remaining properties by registered deed to Raja Bishweshwar Prasad Singh and Raja Maheshwar Prasad Singh ( Son’s of Last Raja of JHARIA Raj)

Raja Durga Prasad Singh was Honoured The title ( Medal ) of M.B.E. Member of the Most Excellent order of the British Empire , for his extraordinary service to mankind as well as British Empire.

Image below : Raja Durga Prasad Singh M.B.E Jharia

Raja Durga Prasad Singh M.B.E Jharia
Raja Durga Prasad Singh M.B.E Jharia

Rani Snehalata Kumari DEVI. JHARIA Raj .
Rani Snehalata Kumari DEVI. JHARIA Raj

Know about Jharia Raja Durga Prasad Singh and his development.

Jharia Coal Field History

Positive effects of JHARIA Coal field

Maharajkumari Snehalata kumari Devi said that Coal was introduced in the year 1888 during the period of Raja Durga Prasad Singh. But coal activities were started in the year 1894. These were the British Period, then the Rulers of India. In JHARIA, The British authorized the Raja of JHARIA with all the underground as well as surface Powers. In the Lieu of that the British Empire received Royalty or Rent from Raja of JHARIA.

Many outsiders mainly Gujrati Community and Marwari community people took lease from Raja for Business purpose. The Positive effects that happened during this course of time were that lots of people migrated from different parts of the country and started earning money.

Jharia Coal Field History

Slowly JHARIA was converting into a business Hub from a thinly populated town. Along with it local people got opportunity to work and earn their livelihood. JHARIA is the only source of coking coal in India.

Raja Kali Prasad Singh in his early age during the year 1944 due to his modern outlook opened ” Selected Khas JHARIA colliery ” ( Coal mines) for Business purpose located back side of Purana Rajaghar area now called Bakarhata.

He supplied coal to BENGAL.( company Burn and Co and many more) .They took coal for brick factory, sugar factory, steelmaking and even personal use. Later TISCO and Khora Ramji took lease from Raja Kali Prasad Singh Ji. The economy of JHARIA people increased as lots of people were appointed in these coal mines and JHARIA Prospered.

After Nationalization of coal in 1971, only coking coal was Nationalized, Non – coking coal was not. Taking this opportunity Raja Bishweshwar Prasad Singh along with Raja Madan Mohan Singh ( Ex MLA  Baghmara Constituency, Dhanbad) of  Telmocho Zamindari started coal mines in Mohuda.

Dealers used to come from U.P and sold in Banaras Coal Mandie’s. Mining Act came into being in the year 1964 and GOVERNMENT of India took the underground rights from The Raja Of JHARIA (Shri Raja Kali Prasad Singh) and things changed.

Information Shared by Maharajkumari Snehalata kumari Devi

Raaspurnima utsav of Jharia

Raaspurnima utsav ( oldest and historical Raas utsav of JHARIA )

Raja Kali Prasad Singh, the last Raja who had deep faith in Lord Radha Krishna, continued the Raas purnima which was started in the middle of the JHARIA Raj Era.

It was continued by Raja Durga Prasad Singh.( M.B.E) with great pomp and show till one month, in the month of Kartik, Famous Mohan bhog and Anna bhog was made during this month.

People from nearby village and even nearby States also used to come to participate and enjoy this event. Continuous bhajan Kirtan was performed with dhol and Madal. It is also mentioned in “Tara Shankar Bangopadhya’s Book”. A famous Bengali writer.

Gradually in span of time situation has changed and utsav is not performed anymore. But still the Raas Mandir stands today, which has been closed during the old age of my father in law Shri Raja Kali Prasad Singh.

K.Rani Snehalata Kumari DEVI.Daughter in law of Raja Kali Prasad Singh.JHARIA Raj.

K.Rani Snehalata Kumari DEVI.Daughter in law of Raja Kali Prasad Singh.JHARIA Raj.

old Fort of JHARIA Raj where Raas utsav was celebrated

Old Fort of JHARIA Raj where Raas utsav was celebrated

Know about Raas Purnima Utsav Purulia

Source of Information: Maharajkumari Snehalata kumari Devi – Daughter in law of Late Raja kali prasad Singh and wife Of Rajkunwar Bishweshwar prasad singh.