Dukhharni Mandir Jharia

Dukhharni Mandir Jharia

Dukhharni Dham is very popular and oldest Ma Durga Temple in Jharia which is located in Jharia-Dhanbad Road. Thousand of peoples come daily to see Ma Durga and worship. This temple is also popular for marriages.

dukharni mandir jharia
dukharni mandir jharia

According to Maharajkumari Snehalata kumari Devi(Daughter in law of Late Raja kali prasad Singh and wife Of Rajkunwar Bishweshwar prasad singh):

Dukhharni mandir was setup in 18th century by my forefather Raja Sangram Singh to sought out his problems. Before it was dense forest and considered dangerous. People used to feel scard of ghost and spirits while passing that road to nearby village. There are many stories of people, even I have heard one or two stories. That is why this temple
was setup by Raja Sangram Singh. Maa Dukhharni always protected the travelers and people felt safe to travel.

I will add more details about Ma Dukhharni and its history with images soon.

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* Dukhharni Mandir Jharia

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