Jharia Raja Kali Prasad Singh

Jharia Raja Kali Prasad Singh

Maharajkumari Snehalata kumari Devi said that Raja Kali Prasad Singh my father in law was the owner of all the collieries,up to area 14 miles Jharia-Dhanbad which was under our jurisdiction.

Raja Sri Sri Kali Prasad Singh JHARIA Raj
Raja Sri Sri Kali Prasad Singh JHARIA Raj

He had all the underground rights as well as surface rights. He was the last Raja of Jharia. He ascended the throne in 1st January 1947. Law of Primogeniture was applicable to him.

He had all the civil powers. After zamindari was abolished many businessmen from all over India started coming to Jharia to start there coal business.

They took permission from the king after paying him royalty. Even Tisco.(Tata Iron And Steel Company Ltd) was paying royalty to my mother in Law Rani USHA DEVI till 1964.

After that Bihar government took over the charge, cocking coal was nationalised in 1971 and coal in 1973. After that some remaining amount from 1964-1973 Jharkhand government paid compensation to Rajkumar Maheshwar Prasad Singh and Rajkumar Bishweshwar Prasad Singh.

Maharajkumari Snehalata kumari Devi said The palace is registered in the name of Raja Kali Prasad Singh because he was the last Raja of JHARIA. He ascended the throne on 1st Jan 1947 during the British Period. And country got independence on 15th August 1947.

He was the absolute Raja for 8 months. He had all the sovereign powers.In 26th Jan 1950.Constitution came into existence and our country was declared Democratic.Raja Shiv Prasad Singh knew the fact and the prevailing law, so he gave the shares, landed properties, buildings to his other sons, because elder son becomes Raja as per tradition as well as law.

But Raja Kali Prasad Singh allowed his brothers to stay in the palace for their children’s education. (Photocopy attached of JHARIA Raj palace, which is Raja Kali Prasad Singh’s property) Then naturally after death of Raja Kali Prasad Singh his Property, palace etc are inherited by his sons Raja Maheshwar Prasad Singh and Raja Bishweshwar Prasad Singh and also his daughters Rajkumari Jaya Singh (Rani of kurri sudoli) and Rajkumari Madhulika Singh ( Kunwarani of Muli Princely state ).

Rest of the brothers filed a partition suit case No 37/85 and judgment came in the favour of Raja Kali Prasad Singh. This is the judgment of Supreme Court, High Court 32 AIR, Privy Council London case No 7/34. The JHARIA Raj Estate is governed by law of Primogeniture and it is Impartible State ( which cannot be divided among brothers) For your clear concept it is also mentioned in the Imperial Gazette Record.

And for your kind information Raja Jaimangal Singh was the 9 th Raja of JHARIA according to Genealogical Record. There are two attachments sent by her. You can contact her for more information.

Photo of Raja Kali Prasad Singh and Rani USHA DEVI.

Rare photo of Jharia Raja Kali Prasad Singh
Rare photo of Jharia Raja Kali Prasad Singh
Rare Photo of Jharia Rani USHA DEVI
Rare Photo of Jharia Rani USHA DEVI

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