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Raja Durga Prasad Singh inherited the estate in 1850s among the notable Zamindars of Jharia Raj. That time Raja Durga Prasad Singh was still a minor. He died in 1916 and after that Raja Shiva Prasad Singh had succeeded his empire and inherited all. Raja Shiva Prasad Singh has died in 1947 in January Month. After that his eldest son, Shri Kali Prasad Singh inherited all and became the last Raja of Jharia till the Zamindari was eliminated in 1952.

Family Details of Jharia Raj Family

Raja Shiva Prasad Singh – Son of Raja Durga Prasad Singh
Shri Kali Prasad Singh – eldest Son of Raja Shiva Prasad Singh

Rani Usha Devi – Wife of Shri Kali Prasad Singh
Raja Bishweshwar prasad Singh – Son of Shri Kali Prasad Singh
Raja maheshwar prasad – Son of Shri Kali Prasad Singh
Rajkumari Jaya Singh – daughter of Shri Kali Prasad Singh
Rajkumari Madhulika Singh – daughter of Shri Kali Prasad Singh
Rajkumari Sujata Devi of Mohari – Wife of Raja maheshwar prasad Singh
Maharajkumari Snehalata kumari Devi of Rairakhol – Wife of Raja Bishweshwar Prasad Singh

Rajkumari Sada Rajlakshmi Singh – daughter of Raja Bishweshwar prasad Singh
Rajkumari Sudarshana Rajlakshmi Singh – daughter of Raja Bishweshwar prasad Singh

According to Maharajkumari Snehalata kumari Devi РShe said that I have all the documents as well as Trust deed of R.S P college, since my father in law Raja Kali Prasad Singh had established the college. He was the life long Senate member of R.S.P collage. Rather he was donar, founder as well as trustee of R S P Collage.

At present as per trust deed two male members of Raja Kali prasad Singh are the trustee of the college, My husband Shri Bishweshwar Prasad Singh Who is also the PARTNER Of kids Garden School (Jharia) and My brother in law Shri Maheshwar Prasad Singh. The Collage was taken by the university on August 1972 but TRuST is still alive .


Jharia Raja Shiva Prasad Singh

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  1. hello I am kunwarani Snehalata Devi daughter in law of Late Raja kali prasad Singh and wife Of Rajkunwar Bishweshwar prasad singh.I am impressed by ur contributions on this jharia page.Even I can give u informations about jharia,temple,coal mines.jharia royal family and many more.

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