Major General (Retd) shared his opinion on Jharia

Jharia – A city of burning coal.

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Coal mining: The wheel has turned full circle

(The writer is a Major General (Retd). Views are personal)

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

a Major General (Retd) has shared his views here in this article, which has been published on 30th may 2020 on Economic Times.

He has shared many historic details about jharia and it’s coal business. We have to move on further and have to save the lives of Jharia’s peoples from it’s harmful effects. People who have earned money from this coal, now have to come further for them. We have spread positive awareness and talk mutually with the peoples of Jharia and give them a safe place to live. We have to keep them like our family members. They also do not want to live such lifestyles there. The first preference of the local and central leaders should be this to save people’s of jharia from this harmful effect.

The fire is still smouldering. People who are sitting in the safe place, who do not understand the feeling of people who has been living in this fire areas.

We do not have to play blame game, now it is the time when everyone should take steps on his/her level. The new government is very innovative and should take steps very soon.

Right now, again summers are rising and we can understand and feel the situation in coal fire areas where peoples are still living. We also have to think about their employment where peoples have been shifted in new jharia(Belgarhiya).

I am not the expert and scientist. The Government should take advice from them and take actions which is beneficial for all peoples and environment.

We have to learn the use of coals so that it do not increase pollution. Because pollution has been already increased in Jharia. Jharia has become the most polluted cities in India. You can write to me on my email( on the uses of coal. I will share in this website.

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