Oldest RadhaKrishna Mandir in Rajagarh Jharia

Oldest RadhaKrishna Mandir in Rajagarh Jharia

Oldest RadhaKrishna Mandir in Rajagarh Jharia
Source: Prabhat Khabar – Oldest RadhaKrishna Mandir in Rajagarh Jharia

It is one of the oldest temple(Around 300 years old) in Jharia region which had been created by The Raja Durga Prasad Singh. After him, his sons Raja Shiva Prasad Singh used to look after the temple and after him, his son Raja Kali Prasad Singh looked after the temple.

Currently, the Raja Maheshwar Prasad Singh(The Jharia Raj Pariwar) with some community looks after the temple. There is a lot of crowd in Janmashtami in this temple.

Peoples of Jharia has great respect with the oldest Radha Krishna Temple which is situated in Rajagarh(Bakrihat), Jharia, Dhanbad, Jharkhand. They come together in Janmashtami and worship with the great respect and old tradition.

Priest Of the Temple – Sri Viswanath Banerjee(20-Aug-2019) Since 40 Years

Appeal To The Government

The People of Jharia has been appealing the government that the temple should be repaired by the government fund because it is the oldest heritage of Jharia which should be saved.

TATA Park Jamadobha Dhanbad


Tata Park is situated in Jamadobha region. When you go towards Sindri, in between, this park is located. This is one of the oldest and beautiful park in this region and spread over 13 acres.

In starting, it was a mining ground called subsidence area and later on, this greenery park had been made with the help of fly ash which is stated a waste product.

In this park, there are varieties of green plants, trees and rare plants where lot of crowds came in weekends. This is the only green region in coal belt where children and parents can come and enjoy their weekends.

TATA Park Jamadobha Dhanbad
TATA Park Jamadobha Dhanbad

Tata Steel at Jamadoba manages this park.


Beautiful lawns
Flowering and seasonal plants
Fruit plants
Green house
Various Rides and playing facilities For Kids

Visitors: 3000-4000(Sunday)


Address: Jamadoba, Jharkhand 828110, India

Open For Public: Only Sunday

Cost : Free

Check Directions At Google Map. You can also check reviews.

I am sharing a useful video for you.

Rajendra Park Bekar Bandh Dhanbad

Rajendra Park Bekar Bandh Dhanbad

Rajendra Park Bekar Bandh Dhanbad
Pic By Jagran: Embedded

धनबाद का राजेंद्र सरोवर पार्क जो अभी राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर छाया हुआ हैं, जो धनबाद में भी काफी प्रसिद्ध हो गया हैं और यहाँ अब रोज काफी भीड़ होती हैं | इस पार्क का नाम पहले बेकार बांध हुआ करता था | आप सोच रहे होंगे कि बेकार क्यों? एक बड़े बुजुर्ग ने कहा कि इस जगह जो बांध था का नाम पहले अंग्रेजों ने बेकर(कोई अंग्रेज हुआ करते थे) के नाम पर रखा था जिससे बाद में सरकार ने राजेंद्र सरोवर कर दिया | और यहाँ बहुत ही आकर्षक पार्क का निर्माण कराया गया जिसकी सराहना केंद्र सरकार ने भी की |

यह पार्क धनबाद के रेलवे स्टेशन से 1.4 km की दुरी पर स्थित हैं | आप स्टेशन से ऑटो ले सकते हैं यहाँ आने के लिए |

Address: Bekar Bandh Rd, Kasturba Nagar, Dhanbad, Jharkhand 826001

Ticket Cost: Rs 10(Adult) and Rs 5(Children5+)

For morning walkers, entry will be free between 4am and 8am.

Park Facilities

  1. Walking Path
  2. A Big Pond with Boating Facility
  3. Green Areas
  4. Gardens
  5. Laser Water Musical Fountain
  6. Restaurant(Canteen)
  7. Meeting Areas
  8. Concert Area
  9. Boating
  10. Area of Music Albums and film shooting
  11. Space For Meditation
  12. Leisure Areas
  13. Play Area
  14. Toy Train with various rides of children & Kids Boating
  15. Plants of different species
  16. Motivational Quotes
  17. Jhula For Kids
  18. Parking Space for all kinds of vehicles
  19. Street Foods At Park Gate Area
  20. Water For Drinking Everywhere in the Park
  21. Toilets
  22. Park Events Space
Map Rajendra Park Bekar Bandh Dhanbad from Station
Map Rajendra Park Bekar Bandh Dhanbad