Secure Life The Most Reputed Business In Jharia Region

Review of Secure Life The Most Reputed Business In Jharia Region

Company Name: Safe and Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd is a portal which is hosted by Safe and Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd. According to company’s website, they offer extremely high quality products to improve the high quality of your life which are available in Secure Life Website online. I just came to see that this business is growing rapidly in Jharia. There are many leaders from Jharia like Mr.Haroon rashid, Md. Shamim Ahmed etc who has achieved a lot from this business and they are still helping too many people to give employment.

secure life
secure life

According of company’s website, this website is giving offers to people to earn commissions by referring these products also providing you with the possibility of earning while learning, through the unique of business opportunities like online marketing offered by Flipkart or Snapdeal etc.

Safe and Shop Company Directors
Safe and Shop Company Directors

Integrating with the top international and Indian brands, Safe Shop offers you a variety of educational products, Life style and technology products, and apparel both for men & women at never before prices.

According to company, Facts and Figure of Secure Life Direct Marketing Company:

STARTED – 14 DEC 2000

You can download full products list and check out.

Download Catalog

Lets come and listen to the Successful Leader Mr. Ajay Pillai

Check the Secure Life Plan made by someone. According to company, they provide security to our families, here is the following details:

One Sad Moment

RIP Topaz Advisor Secure Life Raj Verma Death
RIP Topaz Advisor Secure Life Raj Verma Death

“Aur ye hai inki income details…..”

“Jo ab Raaj Sharma jee ke ghar walo ko generation to generation tak jaayegi……”

Logid: 52RAJ1GR8R

This Week Payment: Commission Payment: 27000


10/10/2015 : 27000

02/10/2015 : 21000

25/09/2015 : 19000

18/09/2015 : 15000

Company also talks about one person named Late Sri Shyam Sunder Jee who has been getting 8 Lakhs Per Month from the company. This proves that your family’s life is secured after death too.

Late sri shyam sunder jee secure life
Late sri shyam sunder jee secure life

I  have noticed when I opened the website of company and found Important Notice from Company’s website:

Secure Life Notice
Secure Life Notice

They say, Among Many Branded Products like Reebok, Nokia, HP, Stivali, Bravat, Grasim, American Tourister, Philips, Panasonic etc and products from Smart Star company named Talking Ted for kids:

secure life talking ted
secure life talking ted

Check full details about Smart Star Talking Ted

I contacted some peoples(who are in business and some who are not in business) to check the review of the company. Secure Life Associates who are doing well in this business and earning well, they never said any negative things about the company.

Networking Marketing India

But those people who are not in business, they started comparing with some other network marketing companies like Amway, RCM, Modi Care, Oriflame, Vestige, Herbalife etc. Those People who already in business and failed, they said some negative review about the company like quality of the products.

There are many scamming going on at local cities and some small villages. We got to know about some fake agents of Secure Life. They are collecting money from people and do not deposit in company accounts. They are doing wrong with some innocent people. Some group of people has lodged complained about the company in Chattishgarh(MP). We contacted the company about the same. Company sent us this document. Check below:

Secure Life Is not Chit Fund Company
Secure Life Is not Chit Fund Company

We can not review any company on behalf of this only. I still searching more about the company. I will share in future. Network marketing is not bad thing, but some companies give it a bad name. It can give you financial freedom, time freedom and good recognition in the market.

You can do network marketing with a good company. 

Cheque format of Safe and Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

secure life cheques photo a diamond leader dhanbad
secure life cheques photo a diamond leader dhanbad

Now, what are you thinking about Secure Life, If you want to give your opinion about Secure Life, contact here or write your opinion in the comment section. office delhi office delhi
Safe Shop Ministry of Consumer affairs letter
Safe Shop Ministry of Consumer affairs letter

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    1. Yes Monti. Om Shanti. When we start understanding ourselves, we do not need to say anything to anyone. We keep motivating ourselves to get success in life. Secure life is only the medium we are using to get success. As per my experience, We should do meditation in the morning at 4.00 to 4.30 am to understand ourselves and get positive vibration and always get motivated whole life.

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