The Most Polluted City 2020 : Jharia : झरिया देश का सबसे ज्यादा प्रदूषित शहर

The Most Polluted City 2020 : Jharia, Dhanbad is the second one

झरिया देश का सबसे ज्यादा प्रदूषित शहर

A latest survey came and it is found that Jharia has become the most polluted city in India and Dhanbad is the second one after Jharia. I remember, 5 years ago, Dhanbad was the most polluted city and now took second position. Greenpeace India has shared their new report on the pollution level of India and people of Jharia and Dhanbad shocked to know about it.

The Most Polluted City 2020 : Jharia
The Most Polluted City 2020 : Jharia

It is true also. The pollution level of Jharia and Dhanbad are very high due to its coal mining.

Jharkhand’s Jharia most polluted city in India: Green India Report

Jharkhand’s Dhanbad, which is known for its rich coal area and reserves and many industries are there, is the second-most polluted city in India, which is told by the report based on analysis of PM10 data from 287 cities across the country.

And If you want to know the least polluted city, we will tell you that according to that Green Indian report, Lunglei in Mizoram is the least polluted followed by Meghalaya’s Dowki.

Top 10 Polluted Cities in India

Six of the top-10 polluted cities are in Uttar Pradesh — Noida, Ghaziabad, Bareilly, Allahabad, Moradabad and Firozabad

  1. Jharia
  2. Dhanbad
  3. Noida
  4. Gaziabad
  5. Ahmedabad
  6. Bareilly
  7. Allahabad
  8. Moradabad
  9. Firozabad
  10. New Delhi

Delhi is the 10th-most polluted city in India, it was at the eighth spot a year ago.

झरिया देश का सबसे ज्यादा प्रदूषित शहर
झरिया देश का सबसे ज्यादा प्रदूषित शहर

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How To Deal With Pollution By Coal Dust, Coal Mining, Coal Pollution

Jharia Coal Mines and Pollution Control

देश के प्रदूषित शहरों में झरिया- धनबाद का स्थान पहले नंबर पर

How To Deal With Pollution By Coal Dust, Coal Mining, Coal Pollution

How To Deal With Pollution By Coal Dust, Coal Mining, Coal Pollution  Out of the many ways to produce energy needed to create electricity or steel, a key one is coal. Coal is available in abundance across the world and it can be easily mined.

Coal Pollution Facts

It is a low-cost raw material for energy production and hence is used in large quantities for generating it. However, excessive use of coal has resulted in immense pollution of the environment and hazard to human life.
Deal With Pollution By Coal Dust, Coal Mining, Coal Pollution
Deal With Pollution By Coal Dust, Coal Mining, Coal Pollution
What can be done to stop this problem? The use of technology that prevents bad emissions when coal is burnt and implementation of new processes by which coal burning is  more efficient helps to significantly reduce emissions.

Problems Caused By The Burning Of Coal

When burning coal what is released into the environment is gases such as sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon dioxide (CO2), Mercury and other heavy metals, fly ash, bottom ash and particulates. Each of these pollutants can create severe and incurable health problems. For example, carbon-di-oxide is a greenhouse gas which causes depletion of the ozone layer, without which life on earth is endangered. Another example is nitrogen oxide which are known to create respiratory illnesses and also lung diseases, which is also seen with sulfur di-oxide. Coal mining water pollution The release of mercury into the air and water is known to cause development problems and neurological damage in both humans and animals. The environment is also polluted heavily as can be see when sulphur-di-oxide a causes acid rain and nitrogen creates smog.

Why is coal bad for the environment?

If coal burning is posing such huge health problems and other complications, why is it still used. Coal Burning Pollution The primary reason is that it is a low-cost raw material for energy production and is available e around with world in abundance. It can be mixed with biomass field wherein it is required in lesser quantities for the same amount of energy production. Effects of coal mining on human health It can be burnt for 24 hours a day so energy can be obtained from it throughout the day.  Such being the benefits of using coal, steps need to be put in place, particularly in developing countries to prevent emission from causing huge health and environmental damage.

Steps Taken To Mitigate This Problem

The United States government has implemented the Clean Air Act and also the Clean Water Act which aim to drastically reduce pollution emissions into air and water bodies. Currently, scientists in the United States are on the path to finding out how coal can be used to produce energy in a more efficient way and are trying to come up with a process through which it can be used to in gain energy, minus the pollution problems in the years to come. Here is a look at the many ways in which pollution from coal dust, coal mining, coal pollution can be controlled: Check out Article on Jharia Coal Mines and Pollution Control 
  • Functioning of existing plants should be optimized so that they do not emit so much of polluted smoke and also to reduce the amount of electricity used for the purpose of burning coal to gain energy
  • Refine the way existing combustion technology works so that fewer emissions are let out and also making use of biomass as a fuel so that the amount of carbon-di-oxide is reduced
  • Conversion of coal into gas and removing various impurities in it so that it is combusted
  • Capturing carbon-di-oxide from flue gas, storing it underground and then reusing it
  • Implementing gas desulfurization equipment in coal power plants cleans away sulphur from the smoke generated by burning coal. The smoke is cleaned through the equipment also known as scrubbers and then leaves the smokestack.
  • Removing impurities from coal has resulting in obtaining higher quality of coal for burning, thus making it energy efficiency and also bringing down the amount of coal needed to produce a single unit of energy
Despite all these steps the real important action to be taken is the discovery of technological breakthrough by which coal-fired plants are able to give pure and affordable energy on a large scale for various purposes. One such breakthrough is CFB technology.

Benefits Of Circulating Fluidised-Bed (CFB) Technology 

This technology is already in place in various parts of the United States to ensure that burning of coal and any other fuel into energy is clean and environment friendly. As the fuel here burns at an unusually low temperature, the result is very little emissions into the environment, unlike what is seen with traditional burning process. It can be used with coal and also other key fuels such as biomass, waste materials, tires, carbon-neutral fuels etc. In a coal power plant, implementation of CFB technology results in recycling of fuel and limestone particles repeatedly, resulting in high efficiency when burning fuel, capturing any pollutants and then transferring the fuel’s heat energy into high quality steam for producing power.

How does coal mining affect the environment?

The key element that makes CFB technology reliable is the fact that it does not make use of burner inside a furnace to convert coal into energy. It implements a fluidization technology, wherein coal is mixed with limestone which is then burnt at a very low temperature. How to reduce coal pollution This process significantly reduces nitrogen oxide release and eliminates sulphur-di-oxide. Hence coal is burnt with the highest efficiency and the energy released is connected into high quality steam that is in turn used to produce power. When carbon-di-oxide is released from the burning coal in power plants is captured in its concentrate form, sent via pipeline to an underground area or seabed. Energy released from burning of coal is used to generate electricity but there is no harm done to the environment from CO2 release. This technology enables coal to be used like normal for production of energy, but removes all the negative effects of its burning, thus saving the environment and climate. By enabling use of coal in a clean way, it removes hindrances to its usage for production of energy. New Survey 2020: The Most Polluted City 2020 : Jharia and Dhanbad in Second Number

Green Life Jharia Plantation

Green Life Jharia Plantation

Hello Friends,

Today I am going to share about one person who has been doing great work towards environment of Jharia and its surrounding areas through plantation. There are many news, I read in news papers about Jharia and become very disappointed to know various issues of Jharia like Electricity issue, Pollution, bad situation of coal mining areas, Water crisis etc. I found one page news about Jharia and its surrounding areas in Dainik Jagran, Prabhat Khabar, Hindustan etc. And in English Newspaper, we rarely found news from Jharia.

I have made to collect news of Hopes of Jharia. Such news from which we can get hopes of new Jharia. If all problems of Jharia would have been resolved, then How Jharia would look like that time?

Problems are not problems, its challenge for us. We have to awake ourselves to get these challenges. I was talking about news from Hopes in Jharia region. Lets take example, Jharia  Samadhaan, Green Life Jharia, Jharia Marwari Yuva Manch etc.

I have already written about Samadhaan and Marwari Yuva Manch(working great towards society). Today, I am going to share about Green Life Jharia and its founder Dr. Manoj Singh who has been working since long towards Jharia and its environment. Akhlaque Ahmed is also working with him in his plantation program. His plantation program is taking our society in good way. He is very active in his work. We daily read Green Life News in news papers. Lets know about him and his work because this will give hopes from Jharia.

First of all, Thanks to Dr Manoj Kumar Singh and his team for their great contribution towards society. I would like to share some news of him and his Green Life. Please check:

Pollution control Jharia seminar
Pollution control Jharia seminar

green life manoj kumar singh
green life manoj kumar singh

Green Life Jharia Plantation
Green Life Jharia Plantation

Green Life Jharia Plantation
Green Life Jharia Plantation

Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh, Green Life Jharia has been committed with his team towards nature, environment. He says one thing. Check the following:

green life of doctor manoj plantation work
green life of doctor manoj plantation work

He said, someone had planted trees for us and we just get benefits of it. Now its our turn, lets plants trees for others. We inspire from Doctor Manoj and his NGO. We should protect your earth and prevent from Pollution.

* Green Life Jharia Plantation

Looking for Guest Author for My Website

Looking for Guest Author for My Website


I am pretty much concern about the environment and increasing pollution in our Area Jharia, which is my native place too.

I am a blogger/writer and writes about various concerns in India and all over the world. I started one website called in which I want to inform people at world level about Jharia and its environment. That is why I am looking for some Guest Authors and Writers of Jharia and its connected Areas. So that they can express their views about their areas in website

If you are also concerned about Jharia Coal Mines pollution and bad environments where people are dying due to lung cancer.

So, Lets come together and raise the issues of our areas in Reply this ads at