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aura kingdom ore dressing pickaxe

Pickaxe | Aura Kingdom Wiki | Fandom

Pickaxe Item Cannot be traded. A well crafted pickaxe suitable for mining ore. Use the . Use the pickaxe to mine ores that can be used for refining. Right-click to.

Gathering | Aura Kingdom Wiki | Fandom

Once in possession, simply left-click on the mineral to target it and right-click on the pickaxe. Alternatively, the pickaxe can also be selected by the shortcut bar.

Refining your items - Aura Kingdom

Refining WPC and Weapons. Gemstones and ore for crafting can be mined by using a pickaxe on ore deposits found in various maps. The pickaxe can be.

[Guide] Aura Kingdom - How to Dig and Identify Archaeology .

2 Oct 2014 . For a more detailed guide, please head over here to find out! For artifacts.

[Aura Kingdom] Archaeology - YouTube

31 Dec 2014 . Learn how to dig up treasures in Aura Kingdom! Game. Aura Kingdom; 2013. Category. Gaming. Show more. Show less. Comments. Default.

Aura Kingdom - News - All News

Aura Kingdom - AuraKingdomPatchnotes. A new patch has . A new Astraea costume and a pet version of her in her new dress (^ω~)! Grab your friend and help.

Purple Gold Ore - Item - Aura Kingdom

A primitive ore whose entire surface radiates a violet-gold luster. #IMG$NoticeIcon#This item appears in the loot of instances above Lv.55. Can be combined.

Aura Kingdom The Full 3D Action-Packed Fantasy MMORPG

Aura Kingdom is an action-packed mobile MMORPG app with anime style and with 18 million downloads for Aura Kingdom Online worldwide!

Guide :: Crafting for beginners - Steam Community

17 Jul 2014 . If you have never crafted in Aura Kingdom before then this guide is for you. . Crafting material (such as Cyan Iron Ore, Kyanite, etc.) . can be farmed from dungeons but some of them can be mined from maps with Pickaxe.

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