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Induced Vibration - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

5.7 shows the distribution of vertical displacement in the soil induced by the one-way load and two-way load with frequencies of 2, 10, and 50 Hz, respectively. The.

Vibration induced refrigeration and energy harvesting using .

These materials have also shown promising results in other emerging fields, such as photovoltaics and photocatalysis. In the last decade, the piezoelectric effect.

Vibration induced refrigeration using ferroelectric materials .

8 Mar 2019 . . This study shows that elastocaloric effect in ferroelectric materials is capable of converting waste mechanical vibration into refrigeration effect.

Vibration-induced hearing loss: mechanical and physiological .

The vibration-induced TS showed prominent recovery so that after 7 days, TS was 2.4 dB on average and 27 of 30 animals had recovered. After 14 days, the TS.

Vibration-induced Behavioral Responses and Response .

Several studies have demonstrated that vibration can cause alterations in rodent . and indicated that no mice showed any obvious vibration-induced behaviors.

Vibration-Induced Postural Posteffects - Neuro-IT

The direc- rographic recordings show that in the relaxed muscle, vibra- tion of the vibration-induced sway is dependent on the vibra- tion predominately activates.

Vibration Induced by Moving Cranes in High-Tech Buildings .

3 Dec 2018 . The results show that a decrease in the stiffness of the rail pad can decrease crane-induced vibration, and it is obvious that the proposed.

Vibration-Induced Shift of the Subjective Visual Horizontal: A .

In most patients with uVD, vibration applied to neck muscles or to the mastoid bone induces nystagmus. Vibration has been shown to excite semicircular canal.

Vibration-induced aggregate segregation in asphalt mixtures .

20 Feb 2020 . The poor knowledge on vibration-induced segregation in asphalt . of particles' appearance before and after vibrations are shown in Fig. 4.

Vibration-Induced Nystagmus in Meniere's Disease. 메니에르 .

Vibration-induced nystagmus (VIN) has been shown to reflect side difference of peripheral . Thirty-one patients (65%) showed VIN in at least one area.

Investigation of vibration induced by moving cranes in high .

25 Mar 2019 . Xu et al. performed experiments to demonstrate a hybrid platform to reduce the vibration induced by the nearby traffic, and the hybrid platform.

Vibration-induced electrical noise in a cryogen-free dilution .

Figure 1 shows the schematics of our BlueFors BF-LD400 dilution refrigerator setup. Pre-cooling to <4 K is provided by a two-stage Cryomech PT-415 pulse tube.

Vibration induced injuries in hands in long-term vibration .

15 Jul 2019 . The Purdue Pegboard test showed a significantly better performance in the dominant vs non-dominant hand in both workers (p = 0.001) and.

General Features of Vibration-Induced Effects on Balance .

2 Mar 2011 . Tests on healthy adults and patients showed that vibration of certain leg and trunk muscles caused involuntary inclination movements.

The preload force affects the perception threshold of muscle .

19 Oct 2018 . Our results showed that the minimum stimulation amplitude eliciting a . Since its first demonstration, the vibration-induced movement illusion.

Vibration test for dizziness -

4 Sep 2019 . The vibration source is a conventional shower massager as shown above. This example illustrates that vibration induced nystagmus generally.

The analysis of building vibration induced by the road traffic .

The environmental vibration induced by road traffic is studied on an actual building. The field . The results show that the dynamic model is feasible. On this.

Advances in Micromanipulation Actuated by Vibration-Induced .

Figure 1a,b show the concept of in-planar manipulation. More examples are shown in Figure 2. According to the previous description, we classify these devices.

Measuring the Microphase Separation Scale of Polyurethanes .

11 Oct 2019 . . a Vibration-Induced Emission-Based Ratiometric “Fluorescent Ruler” . in temperature, showing the changes in the internal microstructure.

Low‐frequency mechanical vibration induces apoptosis of .

27 Feb 2020 . Therefore, induction of cancer cell death by apoptosis would be preferable . Leulmi et al. showed that magneto‐mechanical vibration induces.

Low-Frequency, Whole Body Vibration Induced Neurite .

This showed that low-frequency vibration at 7 Hz induced enhanced neurite outgrowth, whereas vibratory stimuli of 10 Hz and 13 Hz had no effect on neurite.

Vibration-induced drop atomization and bursting | Journal of .

In this paper, the basic phenomenon of vibration-induced drop atomization and drop bursting will be introduced, demonstrated, and characterized. Experimental.

Vibration Induced Counts in MWD Gamma Ray Detectors Doc .

that showed the detrimental effect of vibration induced counts on log accuracy. It was concluded that stiffening the scintillation crystal mechanical support and.

The effects of vibration-induced altered stretch reflex .

10 Jun 2019 . Vibration has been shown to have both facilitatory and suppressive effects on muscle spindle activity, with either effect resulting in an altered.

Friction Induced Vibration in Windscreen Wiper Contacts .

Experimental observations also showed the wiper to be oscillating backward and . In addition to this, friction induced vibration is shown only to occur for glass.

Motion of Liquid Drops on Surfaces Induced by Vibration: Role .

drop on asymmetrically structured surface shows translation when subjected to . motion of drop a surface induced by white noise vibration in presence of a bias.

Mechanisms of free-surface breakup in vibration-induced .

It is also shown that the droplet-ejection acceleration threshold ˆac of low-viscosity liquids depends on the dimensionless drop diameter ˆd. Moreover, in the limit ˆd.

- Guide to recognition of vibration induced disorder -

Examples of diseases included under this heading are vibration-induced white finger, . A cold provocation test had shown normal pressure changes. Chapter 3.

A noble RBC aggregometer with vibration-induced .

A laser reflection technique has been combined with a vibration-aided disaggregation mechanism, which shows significant advances in aggregometer design,.

Vibration Induced Fatigue Analysis of Aerospace Structures .

Vibration Induced Fatigue Analysis of Aerospace Structures . The study showed that the assumption of multi axial testing can be represented by uni-axial.

Obstacles to Model Vibration-Triggered Raynaud's are .

17 May 2017 . An advanced theoretical model of vibration-induced Raynaud's . The obtained results show that vibrations induce an increase of the thickness.

Vibration-Induced Climbing of Drops

Vibration-Induced Climbing of Drops. P. Brunet, J. Eggers, and R. D. Deegan. Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 144501 – Published 3 October 2007. More. ×.

Field measurement, analysis and protection for the vibration of .

. depth, location and filling materials on decreasing the train-induced vibrations of the Hangu Pass are studied. The results showed that the set isolation trench.

Vibration-induced aerodynamic loads on large horizontal axis .

1 shows the simulation results of the deflection and vibration-induced velocity at the blade tip of the NREL 5 MW reference wind turbine [12] operating in turbulent.

The Skull Vibration-Induced Nystagmus Test of . - Frontiers

9 Mar 2017 . Skull vibration-induced nystagmus (SVIN) optimal frequency stimulation is 100 Hz and shows a primarily horizontal component; the best.

Vibration - Health Effects : OSH Answers - CCOHS

What are the symptoms of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS)? . Vibration-induced white finger (VWF) is the most common condition among the operators . revealed that, for equal noise exposure, those with vibration-induced white finger.

Suppression of Bridge Vibration Induced by Moving Vehicles .

11 May 2018 . The numerical simulations demonstrated that, for the same number of vehicles in traffic flows moving across the same bridge, the vibration.

Active Control of Human-Induced Vibrations Using a Proof .

Solutions to overcome human-induced vibration serviceability problems might be: (i) . 2b shows an example of CD. The following error function is defined. e(ω,λ.

Understanding vibration-induced pipework failure

29 Apr 2014 . Vibration induced fatigue of process piping systems is an important and . shown that in the UK sector of the North Sea, fatigue and vibration.

Effects of botulinum toxin type A on vibration induced .

Conclusions: We demonstrated that the vibration induced MEP facilitation in the . Microelectrode recordings from Ia afferents showed that muscle vibration at.

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